Spiders are eight legged pests that build webs in and around our homes.  They are most likely to be found in garages or sheds and outside near light fixtures that help attract their prey.   They use their webs as a place to live and as a way to catch their food.  Flying insects such as flies, mosquitos, and moths get caught in the web and the spider wraps the insect in web to prepare the insect as their next meal.

As with all pests, the best way to deal with spiders getting in your home is to stop it before it happens!  You should seal up cracks and holes that lead to the outside with caulk.  Having too much vegetation up against the foundation of your house can attract them to your house and they will eventually find a way inside.  Make sure to keep outside lights off as much as possible.  The lights don’t attract the spiders, but they do attract other pests that spiders feed on.  

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