Other Pests


Crickets are pests with cylindrical bodies, long legs that are used for jumping and chirping, and long antennae.  They are usually black but they can also be a yellowish brown color depending on the species.


Millipedes are slow-moving arthropods that have long bodies and many legs.  They don’t actually have 1000 legs as their name suggests, but they do have a lot of them!  They feed on dead leaves and plants, so you should always keep leaves and other debris away from your house to prevent attracting them.


Centipedes are another many legged pest you may find in your home!  The most common one is a House Centipede.  They look quite scary and are very fast.  They have anywhere from 30 to 354 legs.

Pill Bugs

Pill bugs, also referred to as rollie pollies, are small pests that roll up into a ball when disturbed.  They often are confused with pill millipedes, but are different species.  Pill bugs are not often found indoors because they require a moist environment.


Earwigs are small, flat-bodied pests.  Their small bodies make it very easy for them to find their way into our homes.  The are nocturnal, so sometimes people don’t even realize these pests are in their home.  Earwigs have pincers but even adults can cause very little to no harm to humans.


Silverfish are small, fast-moving pests that can be found pretty much anywhere in your home.  They have long antennae and move in a wiggling motion similar to a fish.  Like earwigs, they are nocturnal and can fit into small places because of their flat bodies.

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